Shop Small, My Friends, on May 7

Here’s something that’s near and dear to our hearts: Shopping local, and shopping small.

This Saturday, May 7 is Shop Lompoc Shop Small Saturday. It’s a day to focus on the locally-owned businesses that are busting their hump to revitalize the economic and social life of our community.

We’re your neighbors, we’re your family, we’re your classmates and coworkers. Give us a chance before you go to Walmart. We’re working hard to make a better town and a better world. And we have quality stuff you can’t find anywhere else.

Years ago, our hometown had a thriving local economy based around, among other things, a core of small locally-owned businesses. Downtown storefronts were full, and everything you needed was available in town, and you had a few choices of where to shop. Necessities like hardware and lumber, to appliances and sporting goods were all sold by mom-and-pop businesses, and they backed up their products. The butchers, the grocers, they were experts, because it was what they did. They weren’t just working for a big corporation. They owned the place. They made stuff, and fixed stuff. With pride.

Let’s face it, we all go to a big-box store once in a while. But each time you give a small local business a chance, you help keep money in your town, and that helps build community, and it helps pay for better schools, parks, police, and fire departments.

So vote with your wallet: Shop Lompoc, Shop Small Saturday and every day!

Back from the DEAD!

Okay, not really dead, but we’re stepping up our game over here at New Lows.

That means more original designs on quality goods. We got tees, hoodies, hats, patches, stickers, what chu want?

We mean business, and business means more art, more skateboards, more apparel and accessories. And of course we’re here for you when it comes to custom screen printing for your brand, band, or crew.  And if you’re out there in the big, wide world, you can shop our online store. 

We’re looking forward to making 2016 our best year ever.