NEW LOWS is a graffiti-and-skate-influenced shop that makes stuff and sells stuff. Apparel, accessories, art, skateboards, art supplies, and custom screen printing for your band, brand, or crew. We're cranking out authentic original designs on tees, hoodies, hats, decks, all from our workshop and retail store on the corner of Highway 1 and Highway 1 in our hometown of Lompoc, CA.

Submission Deadline 10/1!

PrintTime’s running out to get yer submissions in the mail for ADHESIVE ASSAULT! Deadline is 10/1.  This is gonna be a mind-blowing show, so mark your calendars and make your plans. Hit up @adhesive_assault on Instagram for mailing address, and HOTEL DISCOUNTS for you travelers. We’ll be rocking out with DJ Adikshun,  DJ BargainBin,  DJ AimHigh, and more. We’ll also be grubbing down with Big Truck Foods and wood fired pizzas from Martinez Bros!



ADHESIVE ASSAULT: Sticker Art Show Oct. 8th!

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Coming to NEW LOWS Saturday, October 8: Adhesive Assault-a Shitstorm of Sticker art! Guest curator CleveleandRewind is bringing together the best in sticker art from all over the globe, and slappin’ it up all over NEW LOWS’ retail joint. Combos, collabs, live wheatpasting, DIY art setups, all wrapped in an atmosphere of tasty food, dj’s, and more.

Check out the ADHESIVE ASSAULT IG for submission info!


It’s that time again! First Thursdays Lompoc is teaming up with New Lows to bring all y’all another bomb First Thursday art show, featuring the best in local and regional art. Music and food, too, natch.

These are always great events, free to the public, all ages, and just generally cool as hell. Peep the flyer for details.

To volunteer or exhibit your art, get in touch with the crew on Facebook




Shop Small, My Friends, on May 7

Here’s something that’s near and dear to our hearts: Shopping local, and shopping small.

This Saturday, May 7 is Shop Lompoc Shop Small Saturday. It’s a day to focus on the locally-owned businesses that are busting their hump to revitalize the economic and social life of our community.

We’re your neighbors, we’re your family, we’re your classmates and coworkers. Give us a chance before you go to Walmart. We’re working hard to make a better town and a better world. And we have quality stuff you can’t find anywhere else.

Years ago, our hometown had a thriving local economy based around, among other things, a core of small locally-owned businesses. Downtown storefronts were full, and everything you needed was available in town, and you had a few choices of where to shop. Necessities like hardware and lumber, to appliances and sporting goods were all sold by mom-and-pop businesses, and they backed up their products. The butchers, the grocers, they were experts, because it was what they did. They weren’t just working for a big corporation. They owned the place. They made stuff, and fixed stuff. With pride.

Let’s face it, we all go to a big-box store once in a while. But each time you give a small local business a chance, you help keep money in your town, and that helps build community, and it helps pay for better schools, parks, police, and fire departments.

So vote with your wallet: Shop Lompoc, Shop Small Saturday and every day!

We ain’t so Tuff

We aren’t always slangin’ hardcore street stuff. We’re always ready to help out a local business with our signmaking skills. Here’s today’s installation at Bella Florist & Gifts, another downtown Lompoc shoppe doing quality work for locals and visitors.

Keepin’ it Local this Sprang

We’re pretty proud of the products we crank out here at New Lows, but we’re also proud of what we get up to in our hometown.

Firstly, even though we aren’t a record store, we want to show solidarity with International Record Store Day 2016 on Saturday, April 16th. We encourage you to pop in to our neighbor Certain Sparks Music, or any independent record store, really.  We love them all, we shop them all, and you should too. Bring your vinyl finds into New Lows, show us a reciept, and we’ll spin ’em on our fancypants vintage Bang & Olaufsen turntable!

Then, on Friday, April 22, we’re installing Lompoc’s 5th and 6th Creative Crossings crosswalks art in cooperation with the Healthy Lompoc Coalition and the City of Lompoc Recreation Division for their Spring Into Summer event.

Then on May 22, we’re all about Shop Lompoc Shop Small  We’ll be havin’ a good ol’ time with special deals and friendly peeps, all with the purpose of supporting and promoting small, locally-owned business in our town.

So vote with your feet, and vote with your wallet! A vibrant local scene, and a healthy local economy depends on YOU.




It’s Screen Printing Season at New Lows

With summer tour, little league, car show, and family reunion season fast approaching, we’re cranking out merch for all kinds of bands, teams, and clubs. Rememember last year when you promised yourself you’d get ahead of the game? We’re here for ya! We can design and custom screen print stickers, hats, tees, banners, and hoodies in time for those festivals, tournaments, shindigs and hoedowns. Give us a call!